Rainbow after a storm

Accept that no one is perfect, forsake running after perfection, don’t fell guilt for your mistakes; there will be more to come, some questions will remain unanswered, that doesn’t matter.

Life is a mystery, accept deeply and completely your weird idiosyncrasies, have a strong value, not a monetary one, the world is beautiful, you are a part of it.

Some people are killed on the inside, they will always find a way to hurt you, forgive them to keep your integrity, fight for not be killed on the inside, forgive and seek for forgiveness.

Strongly feel the emotions, the spring comes even if the winter is harsh, the future is unwritten, smile to the life, let yourself go.

Enjoy every day, believe in you, forgive yourself, love yourself, truly love them.

….Here, you can be I and they can be you…

Shannon L. Alder said : “After every storm, there is a rainbow. If you have eyes, you will find it. If you have wisdom, you will create it. If you have love for yourself and others, you won’t need it

Alice Mutikeys

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