Love for Rwanda


« I sought for unity, yet all I saw was bloodshed.

I sought for peace, yet all I saw was war.

I sought for development, yet all I saw was regression.

I sought for love, yet all I saw was confusion.

What did you have to offer to me Rwanda?

A people that had for so long prided their dignity,

A people that had for so long been guided by prayers,

Now consumed by hate, revenge and anger,

Souls filled with jealousy and envy.

What happened to you over the years Rwanda?

If black and white could make it work,

What made black and black so hard to bare?

Did our being the same, make us crave for diversity?

Or were we just properly taught to hate?

Tell us the way, the way out of this rwanda!

Rwanda, I want to let you know

You gave me a reason to hate you,

A reason to be ashamed of you,

Never to mention your name again,

However I never stopped to loving you

You are my Rwanda,

You are the mother with a thousand hills

You are the history that we cherish

You are the symbol for brotherhood

You are Rwanda, Our cherished home! »

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